• Syria Garcia Ceruti Unik Fisura Scarf - Jilbabcantikmurah.com

    Syria Garcia Ceruti Unik Fisura Scarf
    - Jilbabcantikmurah.com

    Kode: GARCIA
    Syria Garcia Ceruti Unik Fisura Scarf  - Jilbabcantikmurah.comSyria Garcia Ceruti Unik Fisura Scarf  - Jilbabcantikmurah.com
    Harga: Rp 65.000 /pc
    Harga: Rp 55.000 /pc (pembelian minimal 5 pcs )
    Harga: Rp 50.000 /kodi ( 20 pcs )

    Bahan: ceruti

    Warna: orange, silver, kuning, sunkish, putih, dll

    Syria Garcia Ceruti Unik Fisura Scarf, jilbab syria unik dengan jahita
    pinggiran dineci bergelombang. Pemakaian Syria Garcia ini sperti Syria
    Dhella kaos.

    To Order: Ketik: Kode, Warna, Jumlah, Nama, Alamat
    SMS ( Only ) 0813 99 143 041 ( Sonia ) Pin BB: 261B01C0

    Website: www.jilbabcantikmurah.com

  • Jilbab Syria Hoodie Flower Rossa Fisura Scarf - Jilbabcantikmurah.com

    Jilbab Syria Hoodie Flower Rossa Fisura Scarf - Jilbabcantikmurah.com


    Jilbab Syria Hoodie Flower Rossa Fisura Scarf - Jilbabcantikmurah.comJilbab Syria Hoodie Flower Rossa Fisura Scarf - Jilbabcantikmurah.com

    Harga: Rp 70.000 IDR /pc - 4 GBP (British Pound Stirling)
    Harga: Rp 60.000 IDR /pc (pembelian minimal 5 pcs )
    Harga: Rp 55.000 IDR /kodi ( 20 pcs )

    Bahan: Jersey

    Warna: benhur, merah, hijau, orange, fanta, ungu

    Jilbab Syria Hoodie Flower Rossa Fisura Scarf
    , jilbab syria instan langsung pakai. Dengan bahan dari jersey bermotif flower 3D yang dikombinasikan dengan jersey polos.

    Shipping Available. Shipping costs quotes at time of order

    Website: www.jilbabcantikmurah.com


  • Jilbabcantikmurah.com - Jilbab Syria Elmo Motif Catur Qalisya Modern

    Jilbabcantikmurah.com - Jilbab Syria Elmo Motif Catur Qalisya Modern

    Jilbabcantikmurah.com - Jilbab Syria Elmo Motif Catur Qalisya Modern Jilbabcantikmurah.com - Jilbab Syria Elmo Motif Catur Qalisya Modern

    Kode: SYRIA ELMO

    Harga: Rp 75.000 /pc

    Harga: Rp 65.000 /pc (pembelian minimal 5 pcs )

    Harga: Rp 60.000 /kodi ( 20 pcs )

    Bahan: jersey + ceruti

    Warna: nomer seperti pada foto

    Jilbab Syria Elmo Motif Catur Qalisya Modern jilbab syria langsung pakai dengan bahan jersey bermotif kotak / catur yang di kombinasikan dengan ceruti polos sebagai layernya. Layer ini bisa dimodifikasi menjadi beberapa bentuk layer dengan memvariasikan posisi layer/bahan cerutinya. Simple tapi tetap modis dan modern.

    Website: www.jilbabcantikmurah.com

  • Jilbabcantikmurah.com - Pashmina Kalung Lindie Hood Syahida Modis

    Jilbabcantikmurah.com - Pashmina Kalung Lindie Hood Syahida Modis

    null null


    Harga: Rp 65.000 /pc
    Harga: Rp 60.000 /pc (pembelian minimal 5 pcs )
    Harga: Rp 55.000 /kodi ( 20 pcs )

    Bahan: ceruti

    Warna: Tersedia di website

    Pashmina Kalung Lindie Hood Syahida Modis, pashmina langsung pakai atau instan dari Syahida Kerudung. Pashmina hoodie ini mempunyai simpul yang bisa dipakai menjadi 2 model unik. Lindie Hood ini kombinasi ceruti polos dan ceruti motif etnik. Motifnya ada dua macam.

    Website: www.jilbabcantikmurah.com

  • Sprei Murah - Comforters and Duvet Covers: Sonwill.com

    Comforters and Duvet Covers:

    Comforter covers are a simple, inexpensive way to redecorate. With a comforter cover, also known as a duvet covers, you can give your bed an entirely new look without buying a whole new bedding set. If you want to change your bedding with the seasons, if you remodeled your bedroom and need bedding to match or if you just want a change, you can avoid buying a new down comforter and get plenty of great ideas by browsing the comforter covers / duvet covers through our website.

    Comforter / duvet covers save you money. It may sound strange, but spending money on a comforter will save you money in the long run. Down comforters are usually pricey, and being able to wash or replace a comforter cover instead of your down comforter can save you big bucks.

    Comforter / duvet covers work great as bedding during hot months. While comforters always keep you warm and snug, they can be a little much when the summer months roll around. If you live in a hot and humid area, an empty comforter cover on top of your bed sheets can be just the right amount of bedding.

    Some comforter / duvet covers are hypoallergenic. Down has a lot of great properties, but it's a fact that a down comforter can agitate allergies. Some comforter / duvet covers are made of hypoallergenic materials that can form a barrier between the comforter and you, so if you have allergies, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a down comforter.

    Sizes vary by manufacturer. A queen-sized duvet cover made by one brand may be smaller than a duvet cover made by a different brand. Product details usually list the actual dimensions of comforter covers / duvet, so for the best fit, find out the actual dimensions of your down comforter and buy a cover that's roughly two inches larger than your actual comforter. After you wash it a couple times, it should be the perfect size.

    Lots of comforter / duvet covers come in matching bedding sets. Finding the right pillow cases and sheets to match your new duvet cover can take time and can cost you a lot of money. Many duvet covers come in sets with matching sheets, pillow cases and shams. Keeping your eye out for deals like that can save you time and money.

    Should you wish to order a Comforter and Duvet Cover select any pattern from our range of CVC, Katun or Katun Jepang Bed Cover then SMS us with the Ukuran and Pattern and we will reply with a price for the Comforter and Duvet Cover or a Price for a Complete Set including Sprei, Sarung Bantal dan Sarung Guling.

    For more information on sprei anak murah, sprei murah, harga sprei murah, jual sprei katun jepang, kain cvc sprei murah, jual sprei katun murah, grosir sprei bed cover and jual sprei online visit us at www.sonwill.com

  • Tips for Bedwetting Prevention: Sprei Murah dan Bed Cover - Sonwill.com

    Bedwetting can damage the child's self-image and confidence. The best way to prevent this is to be supportive. Parents should reassure the child that bedwetting is a common problem and that they are confident that the child will overcome the problem.

    Here are some tips to help your child cope with bedwetting:

    Focus on the problem: bed-etting. Avoid blaming or punishing your child. Remember, your child cannot control the bedwetting, and blaming and punishing just make the problem worse.
    Be patient and supportive. Reassure and encourage your child often. Do not make an issue out the bedwetting each time it happens. If you or your spouse wet the bed as a kid, remind your child that mommy or daddy had the same issue and eventually outgrew it.
    Enforce a "no teasing" rule in the family. No one is allowed to tease the child about the bedwetting, including those outside the immediate family. Do not discuss the bedwetting in front of other family members.
    Encourage responsibility. Help your child understand that the responsibility for being dry is his or hers and not that of the parents. Reassure your child that you want to help him or her overcome the problem. In addition, have your child help in the clean-up process.
    Make clean-up easy. To increase comfort and reduce damage, use washable absorbent sprei, waterproof bed covers, and room deodorizers.

    Tips to Prevent Bedwetting
    Along with supporting your child emotionally, there are a number of steps you can take that may help reduce the number of bedwetting accidents. Here are more tips.

    Reduce evening fluid intake. Do not give your child anything to drink in the two hours before bedtime, especially drinks such as tea or sodas that contain caffeine. Have your child go to the bathroom before getting into bed. Set a goal for your child of getting up at night to use the toilet. Instead of focusing on making it through the night dry, help your child understand that it is more important to wake up every night to use the toilet. Make sure the child has easy access to the toilet. Clear the path from his or her bed to the toilet and install night-lights. Provide a portable toilet if necessary.

    Reward your child for remaining dry. A system of sticker charts and rewards works for some children. The child gets a sticker on the chart for every night of remaining dry. A certain number of stickers earn a reward.

    Consider using diapers or pull-ups at night. Some believe that you should avoid using diapers or pull-ups at home because they can interfere with the motivation to wake up and use the toilet. Others argue that pull-ups help the child feel more independent and confident. Talk to your child's doctor to determine what is best for your child.

    Most kids eventually outgrow bedwetting, according to Dr. Balter, but in the meantime it can be stressful, frustrating, embarrassing, and make kids reluctant to host or attend sleep-overs or go to sleep-away camp.

    Staying calm and working together in a light-hearted, low-key way to handle this problem can help defuse the situation. Here are five ways you both can tackle this problem together.

    Demystify the Issue
    To help your child realize how common bedwetting is, try these tips:

    Share a children's book about bedwetting.
    If anyone else in the family was a bedwetter, tell your child about it. "There's nothing more comforting for a kid than to know he's a chip off the old block," says Dr. Edward Christophersen, a child psychologist and pediatrics professor at the Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Explain to your child how common bedwetting is, what causes it, and that there's nothing wrong with him.

    Get An Alarm
    A tiny alarm connected to a pad in your child's underwear at night can help your child learn to stop bedwetting about 85 percent of the time. If your child should have an accident, the pad senses moisture and triggers a buzz or vibration, causing her to wake up.
    It may take a bit of patience and training before achieving success with the alarm. Most failures with this method occur because the parents gave up too soon, Dr. Christophersen says. "It's not unusual to take a month for a child to learn to stay dry, but it might take as long as three months."

    Try Nighttime Reminders
    Of course you should be encouraging your child to go to the bathroom before bed, even if he thinks he doesn't have to go. As an added measure, the last parent to bed at night, should try waking your child and remind him to use the toilet.

    Go On Sprei Patrol in the Mornings

    If you wake in the morning to find your child has wet the bed overnight, consider the following:

    Don't scold him for the accident
    After you have put dry clothes on him, ask him to help you change the bed together in a fun, friendly way. It may comfort him to know that he's helping out. Never force him to change the wet sheets by himself, it may make him feel like he is being punished for making a mistake.

    In the Middle of the Night
    If your child wakes up at night with wet sprei, don't bother with the team approach--just get the job done as fast as you can. Dr. Balter recommends:

    Keeping extra bedding and dry pajamas near the bed
    Use disposable pads on top of the bottom sheet. When the pad is wet, just replace it with another pad--voila! No sprei need to changed.

    Learn About Medication
    As a last resort, two types of medicine can temporarily help kids who wet the bed--but it's not a cure. One helps the bladder retain urine, while the other helps the kidneys produce less urine. Medicines work best when combined with the alarm, but generally are recommended for children over age 7, especially if the alarm alone hasn't worked.Medicines can be a good temporary solution if your child wants to attend camp, will be sleeping away from home, or will have sleep over guests staying for the night.

    Talk with your pediatrician to determine whether medicines will be right for your child. You can also consider looking into bedtime protection garments, which look more like training pants than diapers and are designed specifically to absorb bedwetting moisture. It's not recommended that a potty trained child be placed in diapers at night if they are having bedwetting episodes. First, it can be embarrassing and can lead to feelings of shame.

    Finally, take preventative steps like avoiding fluids in the hour before bed, especially teas and caffeinated drinks, which have a diuretic effect, causing your child to urinate more.

    For more information on Bed Wetting Prevention and sprei murah, sprei murah online, sprei full katun murah, jual sprei katun jepang, sprei murah katun jepang dan sprei cvc visit us at www.sonwill.com.

  • Sprei Murah dan Bed Cover Tips & Information - Sonwill.com - sprei murah, sprei murah online, grosir sprei, sprei grosir

    Finding the Right Priced Sprei and Bed Covers.

    First, try shopping for sprei and bed covers online as there are often really good web-only deals which you can find with a little research. Secondly, if you prefer to buy these items in-store, then visit various linen stores and department stores to see which items are on sale. Also, purchasing lower thread count sprei, as mentioned above, will save money if extreme softness is not a requirement. Lastly, if you find that you are going to need numerous pieces of bedding and sprei, then buying a bed in a bag might be the best option.

    Design Your Bedroom.

    Sprei and Bed Covers can be designed to coordinate with your drapes, wallpaper and bath. Bed linen sizing is standard based on mattress sizes. Some sprei have deep pockets to fit pillow top or thicker mattresses. Duvet covers are designed to fit over a comforter and may be easily changed to fit the design of your room.

    Ironing Katun Sprei.

    1. Place a corner of the Katun sprei on the ironing board. Lay it out neatly, spreading a portion of it completely on the surface of the long board. Flatten your sprei with a firm hand to make sure it does not have any bumps or tiny mounds before ironing.
    2. Apply the iron on your sprei and carefully press it onto the fabric, actively pressing it throughout the whole area through slow zig-zag motions.
    3. Keep repeating the ironing process until the section is wrinkle-free then move on to the next section by sliding it on to the ironing board. After the first side of the sprei is completely ironed then you have the option of flipping the sprei and ironing the reverse side.
    4. If it gets too hot or you see there is a more difficult wrinkle that needs to be a little more wet to be ironed out, push the water sprayer. This button should be on the top of your iron, by your thumb.
    5. Give your sprei some time to cool down. You can fold them and hang them or lay them out on a clothing line during this time. Just make sure you're not adding any wrinkles with your actions.

    Washing Katun Sprei.

    1. Place sprei in washing-machine, add warm water and detergent only for lightly soiled sprei. Once a month, vary this routine by adding 1 cup of chlorine bleach to soapy water to keep white and colours bright. Limit your machine load to the sprei from one bed at a time for best results; overcrowding the washer makes detergent and the washing process less effective. Dry on regular cycle and air-fluff to remove wrinkles.
    2. Expect to treat stains more easily than those on polyester blend sprei. Sprei containing polyester gradually grow dingy (the process is called "optical greying" and is a chemical reaction that cannot be reversed). Stains on pure Katun sprei respond well to enzyme pre-soaking, additional bleach and washing in hot water, rather than warm. All but the darkest shades of pure Katun sprei are colour-fast; for those, colour-safe bleach works well.
    3. Use fabric softener only if your water is very hard or your Katun sprei have a thread-count below 200. Overuse of fabric softener coats fabric, making it less absorbent. Wash your Katun sprei at least once without softener and compare the results. High thread-count sprei are likely to stay as soft without softener---you decide.

    Bed bugs (Sprei and Bed Cover) Facts.

    Bed bugs (often misspelled as bedbugs) are small, nocturnal, wingless insects that belong to the family of Cimicidae and habitate in sprei and bed covers. They feed on human blood and other warm-blooded hosts. They are oval in shape and grow up to 4-5mm long when fully grown. Their skin color is rust brown to a deeper red brown. Bed bugs are also known as “mahogany flats”, “red coats” and “chinches.” The adult bed bug does not have any wings and has a flattened body.

    How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs: (Sprei and Bed Cover)

    • Remove all clutter from your home, which makes finding bed bugs easier.
    • Wash and dry your bed sprei and bed covers often using the hottest temperature allowed for the fabric.
    • Closely inspect any second-hand furniture for bed bugs before you bring it into your residence.
    • Inspect your residence regularly – after a move-in, a trip, a service worker comes in, or guests stay overnight.

    For futher information on sprei murah dan bed cover, jual sprei murah, grosir sprei katun jepang, harga sprei murah, sprei batik, jual sprei katun jepang, kain sprei murah visit us at www.sonwill.com.

  • Tips on Sprei Murah dan Bed Cover - Sonwill.com -

    Buying Sprei

    First, measure your bed to be absolutely sure what you need is what you end up buying. You don’t want any surprises here. Don’t go by the typical size label sprei, like queen or king. Measure the thickness of your mattress. Lots of folks forget about this and end up with fitted sprei that pop off because the sprei were made for a thinner mattress. Some of the newer beds can have pillow top mattresses 18″ thick…so if the fit looks close, then opt for the next size up to account for some possible shrinkage.

    Choosing a Sprei Fabric.

    This is important because your bed sprei, duvet covers and pillow cases will be touching your skin, so it’s probably a good idea to go for more natural fibres like linen, cotton, or blends of those. You’ll find that they wick away moisture, dry quickly, and are absorbent. Not to mention that they just feel really soft too! Pure Katun fabric sprei feel cooler to the skin also, which is great for those of us who kick off the covers cause we just get too hot at night.

    Polyester Blend Sprei

    They are more economical and tend to wrinkle a bit less. They do tend to be warmer for those folks who get too cool at night. But these blends are generally not as comfortable, these sprei hold onto body oils and sometimes odours, and they tend to “pill” also. That means that when these sprei are washed, fibres loosen and eventually fuzz up and form little balls over time.


    Using harsh detergent when washing your sprei may hasten the breakdown of your linens. Use a small amount of a gentle liquid detergent to help prevent pilling. If you have hard water, then toss in a little bit of fabric softener right into your washing machine. Put your sprei on the gentle cycle… unless you haven’t washed them in over a month they shouldn’t really be that dirty, unless you sweat a lot of course. If you’ve got the washer on the other cycles…then it’s just like taking your sprei out and clubbing them with a rock. No wonder your sprei pill.


    Leaving your sprei and other bedding in the dryer on high…or for too long will also really start to bake your sprei. Not good. Try and take sprei out while they’re still a tiny, tiny bit damp. You’ll get less wrinkling in your sprei that way also….which is a great thing for you and your sprei, pillowcase and comforter / duvet covers! Just fold them up nice and they’ll dry out naturally. Better yet, try a clothesline when possible.


    Wash your sprei and bedding once per week. So always having 3 decent complete sets of sprei. So, it’s one set of sprei on the bed, one in the laundry, and one in your linen closet. If having fine bed sprei is important to you, then this little routine will help you get the most comfort and use out of your sprei and bed cover.

    The Term “Hand”

    The term “hand” as used in the language of sprei and bedding refers to how the fabric feels when touched by the human hand. Almost all sprei and pillow cases, especially those made of 100% Katun rather than a blend of polyester and other content, come out of their original package with a stiff hand. Quality sprei and bedding will, after machine laundering, develop a softer hand immediately and, over time and many launderings, becomes softer still.

    Washing your New Sprei for the First Time.

    When new sprei are washed, the fabric actually becomes more absorbent and luminous. Before initial use, read the care instructions label on the sprei. You must heed these instructions. Even though you have added bleach to white sprei, some white sprei today cautions against adding chlorine bleach because the fabric can yellow as a result. If the care instructions label on the bedding bothers your sensitive skin, remove the label, but be sure to attach it to an index card which contains a description of the sprei or other bedding from which it was removed, the date of purchase, and other information you might need in the future. Tape or tack the completed index card inside your linen closet for future reference.

    Patterns and Colour Sprei.

    The colours, the patterns that you use in your bedding are a true reflection of your passions and desires. Some people opt for a rustic look while others prefer more soothing patterns and designs. However, when it comes to your bedroom, floral sprei and bedding can be among the most inviting. Did you know that different flowers and floral printed sprei and bedding signify different things? While some flowers enhance the romance in your life, others can help in enhancing your mood and making you feel positive about things

    Floral Sprei and Bedding.

    Did you know that different flowers and floral printed sprei and bedding signify different things? While some flowers enhance the romance in your life, others can help in enhancing your mood and making you feel positive about things.

    Popular Floral Printed Sprei and Bedding.

    Rose Print Sprei: Most people rose prints. Naturally, roses are a symbol of love, warmth, sensuality and romance which are the ingredients needed for a happy romantic life. Nothing is more sensual as a rose in the flower world. This style of printed sprei makes you feel really indulged and cozy.

    Floral Print Sprei.

    These floral print sprei and bedding are available in different makes and materials. You can either opt for something synthetic or natural like polyester or Katun. Some of this floral sprei and bedding is reversible which means you can flip them for an instant new look. Moreover, synthetic and Katun sprei and beddings are priced very reasonably which makes them an ideal choice for every kind of budget.

    Sprei Colour and Design Selection.

    You’ll be able to choose from not just your typical, traditional white sprei and ivory colour sprei. Now you have at your disposal and full and lush colour palette to match any bedroom to core you can imagine. Pearl, copper, lavender, sage, and sand are typical colour options for sprei these days. You’ll also find geometric patterns and stripes from thin to wide, and prints of every variety and type — you’ll find it all in today’s sprei, pillowcases and duvet covers.

    Tropical Sprei and Bed Covers

    Tropical and Hawaiian bedding is one of the hottest bedroom decorating trends in sprei and bed covers going right now. And it’s no wonder, because we can create a laid-back atmosphere that reminds us of the great fun we had on our tropical vacation when all we did was lay back on the beach and have people bring us mai-tais. Tropical sprei and bedding can just take you away to such a beautiful, relaxing place.

    For more information on sprei murah dan bedcover, sprei murah online, grosir sprei, sprei grosir, jual sprei, sprei katun dan sprei jepang visit us at www.sonwill.com

  • Sprei Murah Dan Bed Cover - NEW STOCK - The Tokyo Collection – Bahan Katun Jepang Import - Sonwill.com

    Sprei Murah Dan Bed Cover - NEW STOCK - The Tokyo Collection – Bahan Katun Jepang Import

    A: Harga Sprei – Bahan Katun Jepang Import
    1/ Ukuran - 100 cm x 200 cm x 27 cm = RP 170,000
    2/ Ukuran - 120 cm x 200 cm x 27 cm = RP 180,000
    3/ Ukuran - 160 cm x 200 cm x 27 cm = RP 270,000
    4/ Ukuran - 180 cm x 200 cm x 27 cm = RP 280,000
    5/ Ukuran - 200 cm x 200 cm x 27 cm = RP 290,000

    B: Harga Bed Cover

    1/ Ukuran 150 cm x 230 cm = RP 350,000
    2/ Ukuran 230 cm x 230 cm = RP 500,000

    C: Harga 1 Set Sprei dan Bed Cover
    1/ Ukuran - 100 cm x 200 cm = RP 500,000
    2/ Ukuran - 120 cm x 200 cm = RP 510,000
    3/ Ukuran - 160 cm x 200 cm = RP 750,000
    4/ Ukuran - 180 cm x 200 cm = RP 765,000
    5/ Ukuran - 200 cm x 200 cm = RP 770,000

    Keunggular Produk
    Memiliki banyak pilihan motif dan warna dengen Bahan Katun Jepang Import. Berkualitas terbaik, halus, lembut, tidak luntur dan tidak berpasir (bergerindil). Sehingga memberikan kenyamanan tempat tidur anda.

    SMS – Sonia – 0813 1467 0902

    Katun Jepang Import
    Katun Jepang Import

  • Sprei Murah dan Bed Cover - Care and Maintenence - Sonwill.com

    Washing Your Sprei

    1. No Dry Cleaning - What a Relief

    When we think of taking good care of our sprei, or linens for that matter, it's easy to assume that means dry cleaning. But that's not the case.
    "You may think that you're taking care of your sprei by having them dry cleaned, but you're really not because you can control what's done to them at home a lot more easily,"
    Plus, you don't want those dry cleaning chemicals close to your body.
    Just check the label of your sprei before washing at home to make sure dry cleaning isn't required.

    2. Use a Front Loading Washing Machine

    If you're considering a new washing machine, make it a front loader.
    "Front loading washers are a wonderful thing, and everything will last longer if you use them because they are much more gentle," "They don't have the agitator in the middle."
    Plus, front-loading washing machines give you a nice flat surface to fold laundry after line drying or air tumbling

    3. Cool Water is Best

    You might be tempted to crank up the heat on your laundry because you think it will make them extra clean, but cranking up the heat shortens the life of more than bacteria. It shortens the life of your sprei. "Stay away from hot, hot water," "You can use lukewarm. That's fine. But hot water is very harsh on the fibres, hard on the colours and will shorten the lifespan of your sprei." So keep your water on cold, and your sprei will be happy.

    4. Use a Gentle Cycle

    As with anything you love, a gentle touch is always best. Set your washer on the gentle cycle, and your sprei will thank you. "You don't need a lot of agitation,"

    5. Stay Away from Bleach

    It may be easy to reach for the bleach when you're confronted with a tough stain, but that's a bad idea. Bleach breaks down the fibres of the sprei, which will weaken them over time.
    If you really need a powerful agent to fight stains, oxygen bleaches are okay. Before using an oxygen bleach, test it on a corner to make sure it won't remove any colour.

    6. Use a Mild Soap without the Extras

    Forget about those hyped up detergents. When it comes to choosing the best laundry soap, look for one that's plain and simple. "You want to use a mild detergent or soap - something that doesn't have any whiteners or brighteners and probably that has minimal fragrance or colouring to it,"

    7. Dissolve the Soap Before the Sprei Go In

    After a few times of getting white spots on your sprei, you quickly learn to completely dissolve the soap in water before putting your sprei in. While that isn't such a problem for those with front-loading washers, it is with top loading ones. So be careful. Always check to make sure the detergent completely dissolve before throwing the sprei in. And you might not want to throw them in. Maybe gently toss is a better idea.

    8. Too Much - in the Washer - is a Very Bad Thing

    When being washed, sprei need room to, well, be washed. So don't try to stuff everything in at once. "If you have a king sized bed and you have sprei and maybe a lot of pillowcases and a duvet, don't try to put all it into the washing machine at once,"

    9. Become a Fan of Line Drying

    Line drying may not be an option for everyone, but if you can, you should. "A lot of the reason people's sprei will wear out is because of the dryer," "All of that lint that you see in your dryer, that's your clothing or sprei coming apart. It's actually the sprei fabric breaking down. ... When you hang it outside that doesn't happen." If you don't have a place outside to hang your sprei,. Hanging them over your shower curtain or installing bars in your laundry room specifically used for drying laundry. While hanging your sprei inside can be convenient, it may be worth putting them outside to dry. "If you line dry your sprei, the wind will blow most of the wrinkles out of them so you never have to worry about ironing,"

    10. If You Must Use a Dryer, Air Tumble

    Line drying isn't for everyone - especially those in a rush. So if you find yourself short on time, use the air tumble setting on your dryer. "You just want to fluff dry [your sprei]," "You don't want to use really any heat, and always try to take them out of the dryer before they are bone dry, before they feel hot and dry. Because again that's hard on the fibres and they'll break down faster."After taking your sprei out when still damp and spreading them on your bed to finish drying. "Then fold them up and put them in your linen closet,"

    For more Information on Care & Maintenece of Sprei dan Bed Covers visit us at http://www.sonwill.com


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